Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cook, Eat, Enjoy.

I love to eat. But I do not like to eat. Get what I mean?

I love to eat things that favours me, but I do not always eat them.

For me, eating to much the things that you enjoyed and love the most would make you feel, well less interesting later on.

This is what we called marginal utility; the more you consume it, the less pleasure will be.
Take for example, you walked across a bakery store and saw a nice fluffy cheesecake. You bought a slice. Then you will begin consuming it. The first bite of the cheesecake tasted so heavenly. Second and third bite may remain the same satisfaction. But as more you consuming it, the level of satisfaction or pleasure would decrease with additional bite.
So you see, this is what would I feel towards food.

Yes indeed I love to cook, but I do not cook often. Just once awhile. I love Italian Cuisine.

Italian cuisine offers simplicity yet provide the best satisfaction, that is when you cook it right.

When I would feel to cook, I would cook with passion. All preparation would nicely place. All cutting would result a best appearance, and not to forget, the TASTE.

I have a very sensitive taste buds. I would cook in moderate taste; not too salty, not too hot, not to sweet and so on.

Some of the things that I love to cook are Wagyu beef, chicken breast, salmon, and lamb (steak and racks). Method of cooking? I would prefer pan fried using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). When oven become available, I would use both pan and oven.

Aromatic herbs give pulse to the foods. Basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano and much more.

Salad is essential for starting a meal. A simple salad with homemade Caesar's dressing is just enough. Toss it with Romaine lettuce and some rockets, some Iceberg lettuce and Lolo Rossa. Put in some garlic-scented crouton, make it perfect.

One of my favourite simple salad is Avocado with caviar. Does not matter whether its red or black caviar. But I prefer red.

After done with cooking, I would place nicely on the plate with decent garnishing. Snap a photo, then put on the table, sit down and start cutting the piece, put in my mouth and blend the taste.

Enjoying each bite is an unforgotten moment.

Panfried lamb cutlets served with pine nuts sauce accompanied with sauteed spinach, roasted herbed cherry tomato and mashed potatoes.

Some delicacies I enjoyed the most are caviar, oyster, smoked salmon, scallop, and cheeses.



Smoked Salmon



Wagyu Beef

Out of nowhere, I came upon this:
Looks yummy.

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