Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My wish didn't come true.

Everyone has desire. So do I.

Sigh, I did not get it. My wish didn't come true, at all.

Looks like I'll be spending my study phase in UitmKBM, which is something that I was not wish for!

Yesterday I went to HEA to check my status for transferring to Shah alam, and they declined it.
Ergh, one word. FUGLY.
Yeah.. Like trying to swallow that ugly fact and its loaded with super saturated fat which would make me feel wanna to throw out everything in my stomach.

S***, just so whatever. I will be adapting myself here.
Tried to chill myself by watching movie that night.
So I went out with Alya, Aida , Yana and their housemates.

The plan was to watch A-Kid but the ticket were selling fast and there were only front seat available. Sorry? What? A-Kid? LOL sorry for the typo, it was Karate Kid. Heck, we don't want to tilt our head and widen our eyes like a fish. So we changed, and instead we watched Marmaduke. That comedy movie really cure my pain :).

But today I got to watch Karate Kid with my classmates! ( 9 of them if I'm not mistaken) We got the fourth row from the front but it still a pretty good view :D.

Movie rating;
Marmaduke: 3.67 / 5
Karate Kid: 4.2 / 5

Next movie on my list:
Karate Team!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPad, must get it.

Few months back, Apple Inc. announced a new product, the iPad.

My first impression was the iPad is not sensible enough, as it just an over-sized iPod Touch.

But two weeks after the launch of the iPad in the U.S, I was in KL and when I just got into my sister house, there she was, lying on the table.
2 precious iPads (did I say two? yes two. one belongs to my sister and another belongs to my brother..)
Finally, I got the chance to hold & to play with it.

My first impression towards you has turned away.
You are unique and different.

You really captured my soul.

The way you present yourself really set my eyes on you,
The way you show your body really cannot compare with any other beauty pageant,
The way you do your duty and responsibility really admires me,
And the way you behave really melts me away.
You fascinates me.

And now I Want You So Badly.

An interesting blog on iPad :p

(mana nak cari duit beli ni haihh)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sick, Frustrating, Yet Grateful.

Yesterday was the day of releasing last semester's examination result. The istudent portal stated it will be released from 12 noon. But the server was too busy and had congested traffic.

Yes, I was freaked out of my result, in all probability I would failed a paper.

After hours been trying to access it, finally I was able to get my result around 11.30pm yesterday.

Though it was below my expectation, but I do feel grateful.

This showed me that I should do better next time.

It too made me came to realize that in our studying phase, the studying itself is an opportunity. Ergo, we should not miss and must do our best. Well, opportunity never come easy.

Heh, no more playing around, no more fooling around.
This path I chosen that I believed it is the best for me.
This path would lead me to a better life, and opportunity.
It would be devastating if I failed again this time.


So keep on getting your paper, keep on climbing,
Look in the mirror, keep on shining,
'Till the game ends, 'till the clock stops,
We gonna post up on the top spot!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aye aye Captain!

Yeah you guessed it right, the bonny Spongebob Squarepant!

Its kinda funny, it is actually one of my favourite cartoon. It was started with my lil bro, min keep watching it everyday and I too keen to watch it.

And eventually, my mind has been intoxicated by this spongebob!
He made me laugh, made me want more of it and keeping me entertain.

Ahh.. But the most interesting part I want to write here is how this one thing.. one thing that really seducing me, give me excitement, fascinated me, and making me to have a temptation for it.. its the..

Krabby Patty!

The way this cartoon presented those crabby patties really making me wanting to have some burgers! Okay esok i'm going to get some, Mc D or Burger King perhaps??

uh, my short holiday is almost over, tomorrow I'll having my classes back. Keep I'll keep updating this blog! see ya!

I want to have those! ;p