Monday, September 6, 2010

Always be my baby

You know baby, I miss you alot, like really alot.

It has been more than a week you left me here.
I really hope you will be here by Raya.
Because after Raya over, I need you desperately.

Hello reader,
I am not talking about a person, but rather a thing.
She is my baby, Asus EeePC 1005P netbook, which left me for service center after she had a failed hard disk drive.
I have been lonely with her. She always been my side, like always, almost everywhere I go. To the class, to the library, to the restaurant, even when I am shopping for something and even when I go to the toilet. (Nah just kidding)

Something about me is, computer is a part of my life. I have been using it nearly decade ago. So you know, its kind of hard for me to have my routine without it.

So to make things easy for me, I have been using my phone to do things which I could do with my netbook. I surf the web with my phone, I facebook on it, and even chatting via facebook chat and yahoo messenger using my phone. I use Snaptu and Nimbuzz.

Yes, without my phone, I would gone half crazy by now.

I am still waiting for my netbook to be fixed and send to me.. haishh I am just tired of waiting.
Anyway, I am using my brand new baby here while waiting for the Asus to be affixed.
This new baby name is Toshiba NB305. It is a great netbook. High built quality, solid components and very very attractive. But funny thing is, its kind of sluggish comparing to the Asus. Eventhough the specification is almost the same.
Perhaps, Windows 7 does sucks at netbook. You are right Alief. It does.

Anyway, I am thinking to completely remove windows 7 from my Asus later on, and move on other alternative OS. Ubuntu is my choice. Do you have any better suggestion for me dear reader? You are welcome to suggest me anything. :)

I am on holiday, but with LOTS LOTS and LOTS of works.
Not a leisure holiday, rather I would called it, UNFORGIVING holiday.

*Listening to Always Be My Baby, by David Cook.

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